Allied Training and Development Courses

Face to Face Courses

Specialised face to face training courses.

Face to Face Armed Robbery Safety Training

Hands-on Training for Armed Robbery Awareness, Prevention & Procedures This is a short course teaching you the skills and knowledge…

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Compliance and Customer Service Training

Training Program for Customer Service and Compliance Frontline staff are educated on the obligations of the licensee in accordance with…

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Duty Manager Training

Management Training Programs for Duty Managers The Duty Manager training is industry specific with a comprehensive process of accountability, training…

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Leadership Excellence Program

Leadership Excellence and Management Training in Hospitality This is a Leadership Training Course, developing leaders in a hospitality based venue.…

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Risk-Based Licensing Training

Comprehensive Training Course on Risk-Based Licensing A clear framework of your business strategy and an implementation plan is developed to…

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Security Awareness Training Course

Comprehensive Training for Event Security Awareness This training focuses on management and control of events in order to develop preventative…

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Confrontation Management Training

Confrontation Management in Workplace This course has been specifically designed for personnel dealing with confrontation situations in the workplace. It…

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Bullying and Harassment Course

Understanding Bullying & Harassment in the Workplace This course has been specifically designed to define what Bullying and Harassment is,…

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Online Course Packages

Study a carefully selected package of modules.

Compliance Package

This compliance package includes three modules: Armed Robbery Safety Anti-Money Laundering and Bullying and Harassment Compliance training allows new staff…

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Online Course Modules

Select your own modules to create your own online course.

Access and Interpret Product Information

A key role of Booking Agents is to sell holidays to customers. Throughout this unit we will be looking at…

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Access Information on Event Operations

Coordinating an event, you will need to have a thorough knowledge of the industry, its clients and customers, their expectations…

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Anti Money Laundering Training

Online Course for Anti Money Laundering This unit describes the skills and knowledge necessary for club employees to manage the…

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Apply Knowledge of WHS Legislation in the Workplace

Work Health and Safety is a field that once was very fragmented among the states, but in recent times there…

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Armed Robbery Safety Training

Online Armed Robbery Safety and Prevention Course The aim of this tailored training program is to reduce the risk or…

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Book Supplier Products and Services

Throughout this unit we will be looking at how to create customer files, identify what products need to be booked,…

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Bullying & Harassment Course

Online Bullying & Harassment Course Workplace bullying is a risk to health and safety because it may affect your mental…

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Clean and Tidy Bar Areas

Online Module for Bar Cleanliness and Safety Presenting a clean and tidy bar is important to a business, as customers…

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