Management Training Programs for Duty Managers

The Duty Manager training is industry specific with a comprehensive process of accountability, training and reporting that addresses inefficiencies and better manages your compliance in keeping with the new legislation.

The participants gain a specific understanding of the core operational functions of:

  • Basic Security
  • Legal Considerations
  • Confrontation Management
  • Human Resources
  • Public Relations
  • Communications
  • Staff and Complaints management
  • Administrative and Operational accountability


Below is a brief summary of the two interrelated modules covered in the Duty Manager training:

1. Management Training

  • dealing with internal and external customers
  • understanding their individual roles and responsibilities
  • understanding the concepts of incident and human resource management
  • handling possible incidents with regard to legal considerations
  • providing compliant Incident and management reporting


The training program can return considerable dividends to clubs in the up-skilling of their managers and in their ability to better manage operationally.

2. Management Services

  • “Coaching & Mentoring” for individual managers & reviewing of weekly reports of incidents.
  • The Duty Manager’s understanding of their legal, operational and administrative responsibilities can change through the training process, but it is during the review sessions that the real learning begins.
  • The Duty Manager is trained to present their reports in a sequential, factual and analytical manner.
  • The review process involves ongoing coaching where:
    • reports are submitted and checked for structure, relevance, context, content, interpretation of procedures, appreciation of legal considerations, outcomes and recommendations.
    • the manager is trained to identify, isolate, manage and report on incidents. Through the coaching process the manager is better able to communicate, manage, coordinate and delegate when dealing with incidents – particularly incidents that are likely to become a matter of a complaint or lead to civil or criminal liability.

These processes are required for operational efficiency, which ultimately becomes the benchmark for the manager’s performance and incident review capability.

The Risk Based Licensing Program is a precursor to this training course. It is used in preparation for the staff training component, by reviewing local requirements for the specific venue. It is industry specific with a comprehensive process of accountability, training and reporting that addresses inefficiencies and better manages compliance in keeping with new legislative requirements.

Each business unit within the club maintains accountability. Customer and Incident Management is no different. Risk and Compliance now has a clear focus with considerable consequences for the licensees. A clear business strategy and an implementation plan is required to manage your Risk and Compliance obligations consistent with best practice principles and for operational and administrative accountability.

As the licensee is now liable for the acts of employees, your front line staff become your greatest asset and liabilities depending on their skill, understanding and management of incidents, especially prescribed offences covered by the act.

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