Confrontation Management in Workplace

This course has been specifically designed for personnel dealing with confrontation situations in the workplace. It has been developed with the co-operation of industry leaders and personnel facing challenges in their daily working environment. This training course aims to improve knowledge and skills in the area of Confrontation Management. It includes a number of tests providing feedback to the participants.
Currently this course is being used by Councils for staff dealing with customers.

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Definitions
2.0 Legal Requirements
2.1 Delegations and Authority
3.0 Conflict and Confrontation
3.1 What is Conflict?
3.2 Why does it occur?
4.0 Behaviour Styles – contributors to potential conflict and confrontation
4.1 Personality Traits and Strengths
4.2 Left Brain / Right Brain traits
4.3 Cultural Differences
4.4 The Generation Gap
4.5 Manipulative behaviour
4.6 Passive, Aggressive and Manipulative behaviour
4.7 Assertive behaviour
4.8 Recognising & Controlling Negative Behaviour
4.9 Techniques to become more assertive
4.10 Building Confidence
4.11 Managing Behaviours and Responses
4.12 Listening Skills
4.13 Thinking ahead
4.14 Communication – Asking the right questions
4.15 Handling Difficult Relationships
4.16 Monitor Facial expressions and Body Language
5.0 Operational Requirements
5.1 Workplace policy and procedures to deal with aggression and bullying
5.2 Incident Management
5.3 Reporting Requirements

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