Allied Training is a part of Allied Risk Solutions, focussed on business training. It started with Face to Face training, Coaching and Mentoring, but has branched out to online training in partnership with the Futura Group.

We now have about 170 online training courses, covering Hospitality, Work Health and Safety, Armed Robbery Safety, Customer Service and Business Innovation.

We have produced Induction programs, Matrix Management for Business, Liquor Accord Training as well as a number of speciality programs for our clients.

We also produce online software development covering areas such as Risk Management. Risk Analyser is a cloud based solution that monitors Business Incidents and provides reports to Management. These are used to monitor gaps that may exist in training of staff in the business, as well as areas that are exposed to legal action or fines.

Our online training portal is where Human Resource managers can allocate staff to online training courses and review their results.