Training Program for Customer Service and Compliance

Frontline staff are educated on the obligations of the licensee in accordance with the Liquor Act, the various prescribed offences, and the procedures in dealing with and recording breaches to minimise legislative and compliance risk. This training also includes conflict management, information extraction and people management.

The counterpart to compliance management is Customer Service.

Customer Service training programs can also be streamlined to address your specific needs.

Your customers buy an experience every time they frequent your venue. Customer service is an attitude which can become the standard and form the “service driven culture” within your establishment.

  • Deliver what you promise
  • Under promise and over deliver
  • Exceed customer expectations
  • What makes customers stay, and the reasons they leave
  • The 80 / 20 Rule
  • Finding new customers costs five to seven times more
  • Value of existing customers
  • Critical moments
  • Responsiveness and Empowerment
  • Developing lasting relationships
  • The customer is not an interruption
  • A complaint is a gift
  • You own a problem until it is resolved
  • Service recovery
  • Courtesy and remembering to capture compliments
  • Love your customers

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