Hands-on Training for Armed Robbery Awareness, Prevention & Procedures

This is a short course teaching you the skills and knowledge required to survive an Armed Robbery.

This training program is designed to address your Duty of Care provisions and provide the strategies to establish a proactive secure environment. The aim of this tailored training program is to reduce the risk, or at least try to minimise the impact, both human and financial, of an armed robbery and to maximise the chances of prosecution of offenders. By increasing the risk of apprehension, increasing the effort required to commit the offence and reducing the rewards available to the offender, it is possible to reduce the risk of victimisation.

A review of workplace design, layout, physical security, workplace procedures and protocols will be taken into consideration and incorporated into staff training needs.


  • Armed Robbery Awareness
  • What constitutes an Armed Robbery?
  • Who are the Offenders and Victims in an Armed Robbery?
  • Reducing the Risk of an Armed Robbery
  • Staff Training and being Prepared
  • Procedures after a Robbery
  • Armed Robbery Statistics


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