Comprehensive Training Course on Risk-Based Licensing

A clear framework of your business strategy and an implementation plan is developed to manage your Risk and Compliance underpinned by best practice principles, focusing on a system of operational and administrative accountability.


The review is used in preparation for staff training components. It is industry specific with a comprehensive process of accountability, training and reporting that addresses inefficiencies and better manages compliance in keeping with new legislative requirements.

To assist in managing your Risk and Compliance, the Allied Risk Analyser tool can measure the outcomes of training and the operational and administrative initiatives that have been actioned. The reporting addresses the overall risk appetite of your business in line with obligations under the NSW Liquor Act 2007, Three Strikes (Disciplinary) Scheme and Violent Venues List.

Risk Analyser provides a real time review of accountability processes for incidents and the strategic planning enables better managment of the venue and specific events. This can become a valuable tool in minimising incidents, better manage patronage and allocate qualified resourcing and staffing for operations and risk related functions.

Risk Analyser supports informed decision-making across all areas of your business, you set the parameters. The analyser program identifies and breaks down to the lowest common denominator the nature and type of incidents on site.

Daily Incidents provide statistical comparisons of incidents, police audits, inspections, and the number of security or RSA Marshalls rostered for a nominated period.

Face to Face Course

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